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    Portable Stress Monitoring System

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Flexible Sensor “Skin” Gives Robots a Sense of Touch
Re earcher have developed a new flexible en or “ kin” that give robot and pro thetic device a en e of touch by allowing them to en e hear force and... more
A delegation from the University of Tehran (College of Engineering) participated in IRAN WEEK 2017 event hosted by TU-Dresden.
The event, celebrated from July 10 to 14th, wa organized by the TUD aiming at expanding international collaboration between Germany and Iran Intercultural Competence, Funding Opportunitie , Scientific Panel , and ENERZI 2017 (a ympo ium on energy)... more
The second round of Iran and Italy cultural dialogue was held at UT
The econd round of Iran and Italy Cultural Dialgoue under the name of the role of art in development of cientific and cultural collaboration between Iran and Italy wa held on May 4, 2017 in Negare tan Garden Mu eum of Univer ity of Tehran In... more


Welcome to our joint labs website. The ASR Lab conduct researches into the fields of Automaton, Robotics and Mechatronics. The Labs are parts of the Mechatronics Engineering Department at The University of Tehran. We utilize advanced technologies to improve the quality of life for all. We are undertaking many exciting projects in the fields of:

  • Mechatronics systems design,
  • System identification, modeling and control,
  • Rehabilitation, and assistive tools,
  • Medical Mechatronics,
  • Robot design, modeling and control,
  • Mobile and inspection robotics,
  • Industrial automation.